• Insta Finish Turbo Treat,12oz, The best Turbo engine oil treatment on the market ever, TT-12

Insta Finish Turbo Treat,12oz, The best Turbo engine oil treatment on the market ever, TT-12. Turbo Treat Oil Treatment adds synthetic ester-diester lubricants to your engine that have powerful cleaning action and resist oxidation much better than petroleum based oils. They also retain their viscosity at extremely high temperatures for summer time operation, yet pour freely at extreme sub zero cold temperatures in the winter. Reduces engine & turbo wear. Extends the life of turbo bearings in stop and go driving. Lowers fuel consumption by reducing friction. Quiets noisy engines. Reduces sludge, varnish & carbon deposits.

Why Oil & Fuel Additives Are So Important To Your Car? InstaFinish offers the best Oil & Fuel treatment against other brands, Why? Try our brand once after you tried others, after 2 or 3 visits to a gas station you will feel the difference, your fuel consumption is less and smoother engine, that's the difference and we are proud of manufacturing products that work the best the first time. Best quality is expensive but works, a cheap brand is more expensive because you waste your money thinking it works!

Oil & Fuel Additives
Our company specializes in the distribution of a variety of oil & fuel additives. Using fuel system cleaners and octane boosters can improve the performance of your vehicle. Some products are designed to provide a better gas and oil performance through diverse chemical reactions, others can clean the carbon deposits out of your engine, reduce friction by coating engine parts, and extend the engine life.

Fuel additives
Fuel additives are compounds added to the fuel with the purpose to enhance its efficiency and quality and improve the performance of your engine. Different fuel additives are available for both types of gasoline as well as diesel engines. These additives play a wide range of functions including, reduction of emissions, cleaning fuel injectors, reduced knocking, prevention of corrosion in fuel tanks and fuel lines, and lastly helping in a cold start. 

Octane boosters provide a better gas mileage performance by ensuring that the combustion of fuel takes place a lot more easily. High-performance cars that are designed to run on high octane fuel are the ones that benefit the most from octane boosters. For high-performance cars, the high octane fuel is the only right option. Octane boosters added in regular fuel are an ideal alternative to high-performance fuel. 

Engine oil additives
Engine oil additives have the role in boosting the lubricating capacity of the engine oil. By reducing friction, they have the ultimate effect of enhancing the overall performance. A reduction in friction can also increase the engine’s overall life by preventing the build-up of sludge. Engine oil additives can also improve the operation of the engine operation under extreme load and weather conditions. However, you need to be aware of the fact that some low-quality engine oil additives can damage catalytic converters and reduce fuel efficiency. Our company’s selection of engine oil additives ensures distribution of the best choices on the market today.

Gear oil additives
Gear oil additives ensure a reduction of friction on gears. That increases the life of the gearbox and it is highly essential for smooth shifts. Since no pump circulates oil inside a manual gearbox, the gear oil additives should be able to stick on gears. Good quality gear oil extreme pressure additives allow the gear oil to lubricate the gears under high pressure without air bubble formation. Additives keep up gear oil’s lubricating properties intact and enhance its thickness ins order to reduce friction and heat. The end result is less wear and tear, smoother gear shifts, and low maintenance costs. There are various options of gear oil additives for both manual and automatic gearboxes.

Proper car maintenance is a key factor to getting a better gas mileage from your car. A well-lubricated drive-train and a smooth-running engine can keep your car running longer and contributes to a better driving experience. 

In order to achieve the best performance that your vehicle is capable of, you need to consult your owner's manual about the maintenance required and the recommended service intervals. In maximizing your mileage, a big role is also played by your particular driving techniques. You can help avoiding wasted energy with smooth starts and stops. Gradual acceleration burns less gas than speeding up in a hurry. Using the breaks in a sudden manner will waste energy by requiring more gas to return the car to cruising speed.


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Insta Finish Turbo Treat,12oz, The best Turbo engine oil treatment on the market ever, TT-12

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